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In your initial meeting with the lawyer you will be asked to provide particulars of the accident. Make notes of all details prior to the meeting as important information could quickly fade from your memory. Please bring with you any police reports or witness information obtained at the accident scene.


If you do not already have a regular family physician, it will be recommended that you secure one quite quickly. It is important that you then see your family doctor on a regular basis so that he/she may record the progress of your injuries as well as make appropriate recommendations regarding possible treatment modalities. In addition to seeing your family physician on a regular basis, you should also keep a notebook of your injuries for easier recall at a later time.


If you are eligible for extended health benefits through your employer, you will be expected to exhaust that avenue prior to submitting any receipts for reimbursement of medical expenses to ICBC. You must keep all original receipts in order to obtain compensation for your expenses.

Some medical expenses will be reimbursed during your claim while others will only be satisfied at the conclusion of the claim. Examples of expenses paid for during your claim are prescription medications while examples of expenses that will be reimbursed at the end of your claim are user fees for physiotherapy.


If your injuries render you disabled so that you are unable to work, you may be eligible for disability benefits through ICBC. You would first need exhaust other forms of disability insurance such as EI sick benefits or any private insurance available to you through your employer. We could help you determine your eligibility. Even if you are working in the home and you are considered disabled, you may be entitled to disability benefits as a homemaker if you perform the majority of the housekeeping for the household.


In the majority of instances, if a claim has not been resolved within two years of the accident date, a lawsuit will need be filed against the party at fault. Once a claim has been filed trial dates will be set and either party may ask that that matter be heard before a Jury. The Judge alone or the Judge and Jury will make a decision based upon all of the evidence presented at trial.


Not every case will proceed to trial. In fact, the majority of claims are settled either by way of a settlement offer accepted by the opposing party or mediation. Mediation is an informal, non-binding process that allows the parties involved to meet face to face to try to resolve the claim.