Immigration » Temporary Visa Applications

You may apply to enter Canada on a temporary basis if you meet certain eligibility requirements. There are four categories of temporary visas as set out below. In some instances you may change your temporary status while in Canada. To find out about entering Canada on a temporary basis, please read more or contact our offices for more information.


We can help you arrange your visit to Canada to study at one of Canada’s top universities or colleges. During your studies or following graduation from a post-secondary program you may be eligible to work in Canada.


Most people who wish to work in Canada require a work permit as well as a job offer from an employer. In many instances you may be eligible to work in Canada on a temporary basis while awaiting finalization of your permanent resident application. We can assist you in that regard. In some instances spouses of work permit holders may also be eligible to work in Canada. Currently there are several labour shortages in Canada so that changes have been made to expedite the process for bringing foreign workers to Canada. We can provide you with more information.


Many visitors to Canada require permission to visit. We can arrange your application for a temporary resident visa. You may apply for a single entry to Canada or, in certain circumstances, you may be eligible for a visa that will allow you multiple entries. Once in Canada, in most instances you will be eligible to stay as a temporary resident for a period of six months. A temporary resident visa will not allow you to work or study in Canada.


This form of document allows an individual to enter Canada on a temporary basis when there are criminal or medical concerns and there is an exceptional reason to allow the entry.